Swiss Terra Preta

organic soil substrate with 30% biochar

The Swiss Terra Preta soil substrate protects your plants by the biological power of the soil and offers a considerably better range of nutrients than traditional peat substrates. The extremely high level of organic activity in this substrate strengthens plants and makes them more resistant to disease. Through the highly efficient nutrient dynamics high quality harvests can be expected and that – for lesser carbon emissions as when using peat substrates.

Biochar stores nutrients, which can then be taken up by the roots, as and when the plants need them. The substrate is able to retain moisture, helping plants to survive droughts more easily and encouraging smooth, continuous growth. Fruit, vegetables and cut flowers grown in this soil can be stored longer and show a higher concentration of organic matter, especially trace elements. This means that this Terra Preta makes plants healthier and increases their nutrient value.

Terra Preta fosters micro-bacterial activity and biodiversity wherever it is used, increasing the level of humus on the ground and improving fertility year after year.

Using the product

Terra Preta can be used pure or mixed with earth or coir, creating a fertile, climate-friendly soil onto which you can sow and plant out directly. For use in greenhouses, you can mix it with your own soil at a rate of 1:1 through to 1:10, depending on fertility. Terra Preta is also the perfect substrate for trees and bushes (put about 1kg under the roots into the hole you have prepared).

Just 1m³ of Swiss Terra Preta spread over a surface of 150m² is enough to reactivate tired garden soils. It will continue to improve the soil structure after initial use, meaning that you will need less and less of it in the following years.

After the first year, the best thing to do is to use your own biochar compost blend, made by adding roughly 10% biochar to your existing compost. This increases the efficiency of the biochar you have purchased and keeps the carbon footprint low. If you do not keep your own compost pile, vermicompost or bokashi, then you can use Swiss Terra Preta again in the second year and thereafter, spreading roughly 1m³ per 500m² of garden surface.

  CHF transport CH
1 bag Swiss Terra Preta 30 litres (ca. 25 kg) 26,00 15,00
12 bags Swiss Terra Preta - of 20 litres each (ca. 16 kg) 182,00 75,00
Swiss Terra Preta - 1 palette with 48 sacs of 20 litres each 634,00 95,00
Swiss Terra Preta - 1,0 m3 in bigbag (ca. 800 kg) 260,00 95,00

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